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How Four Seasons Screen Printing can serve you in Wausau, WI
January 15, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How Four Seasons Screen Printing can serve you in Wausau, WI

It doesn’t matter if you’re in marketing, need uniforms for a small business, or simply want some clothing or accessories with a custom design, Four Seasons Screen Printing in Wausau, WI can get it done. We offer quality and affordable screen printing and embroidery for clothing items and accessories. If you’re looking for promotional products, we have those, too. Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you create custom items to sell at your store, distribute to your team, or even how we can sell them for you.

Screen printing

Customize t-shirts, hoodies, bags, and more with our screen printing services. Our screen printing service offers dynamic printing to garments and accessories that you would like to put anything from monochromatic logos to vibrant and colorful designs.

When it comes to garment printing, screen printing is the industry standard because the ink can be applied thicker and absorb deeper into the garment. This means that the images on your shirts and accessories will have sharper lines and deeper colors that last longer.

With screen printing, we can put an image on items of your choice that include t-shirts, hoodies, reusable bags, tank tops, sweatpants, and much, much more. You can be confident that anything we screen print for you will come with quality and durability.


Whether you’re looking to create a sharp new piece to a uniform or want a custom hat, our embroidery can get it done for you. Our quality embroidery machines will put beautiful logos and designs on hats, t-shirts, polos, bags, and more so you can have a professional design.

With quality embroidery from Four Seasons Screen Printing, you can put your best foot forward with professional uniforms and great looking products.

Promotional products

One of the best ways to get the word out about your company is to get your logo in the hands of your prospective customers. At Four Seasons Screen Printing in Wausau, WI, we can put your logo on anything. We can help you get your logo on traditional promotional items like pens, coffee mugs, and water bottles. Our team can also work with you to get more creative with items like notebooks, hand sanitizer containers, and stickers. We can help you find the perfect items to promote your business and reach out to your customers.

Online stores

Are you trying to find a way to get your logo out there? We help schools, local businesses, and non-profit organizations create a centralized online shop to sell products with your logo and other designs. Our online shopping portal is an easy way for you to sell products without managing your own inventory and website. All you have to do is provide your design idea, and we’ll take care of managing your online store and fulfillment. This is a great way for schools, apparel startups, and creators to start selling merchandise without the overhead that comes with warehousing inventory and completing orders.

Get started

Whether you’re looking to take your business to another level or simply want custom clothing, Four Seasons Screen Printing in Wausau, WI can help. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about what makes our screen printing different. Give us a call at 715-845-1146 or send a message using our contact form. You can also send us an email directly to Our team is waiting to help you with your custom designs and order fulfillment.