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How to Choose the Right Embroidery Design for Your School Team
July 19, 2023 at 7:00 AM
Embroidery Wisconsin

The representation of your school team can significantly impact team morale, spirit, and how others perceive your group. Embroidering a design that aligns with your school's identity is an excellent way to foster unity among team members. However, many coaches and team leaders face challenges when it comes to selecting the ideal embroidery design for their team.

At Four Seasons Screen Printing, we are experts in embroidery in Wisconsin and have designed impressive uniforms for numerous school teams. Drawing on our professional expertise, we have provided a few tips to help you select a suitable embroidery design.

Consider sponsors

If your school team depends on sponsorships for financial support, incorporating their logos on your team uniforms becomes crucial. This serves as an excellent method to promote your sponsors and show appreciation for their continued funding. Typically, sports teams place sponsor logos on the back of their shirts or jackets, providing a dedicated space for advertisements while keeping the team name as the main focus on the front. If you have multiple sponsors, you can experiment with the size and positioning of the logos to ensure visibility to spectators.

Include your mascot

The school mascot plays a crucial role as a member of any school team. Including a recognizable mascot image can make your team more memorable to spectators and bring a fun and engaging element to your uniforms. The mascot serves as a symbol of team spirit and identity, fostering a sense of pride and unity among the players and fans alike. School teams often share a strong bond with their mascots, making them a significant and essential feature of their uniforms. Whether it's a fierce animal representing strength or a friendly character promoting sportsmanship, the mascot adds an extra layer of excitement and personality to the team's image.

Use eye-catching colors

Considering that spectators are often situated far from the team members during games, meetings, and competitions, it becomes crucial to ensure that embroidery designs on uniforms are easily visible. For instance, in a school basketball match where players are constantly moving on the court, it can be challenging for the audience to discern the details on the uniforms. Therefore, we strongly advise choosing bright and eye-catching colors. If your school's colors are, for example, yellow and purple, we recommend using the brightest versions of these colors for the embroidery on the uniforms.

Place your design carefully

Embroidery designs can enhance various apparel items, such as uniforms, jackets, caps, and bags. It's crucial to carefully consider the placement of the embroidery design. The design should complement the shape and size of the garment and avoid interfering with any functional elements, like zippers or pockets. To simplify the process, we suggest placing logos and lettering as close to the center of the garment as possible. This ensures that the embroidery remains visible while preventing any functional issues.

Experiment with size

The size of the embroidery design is a crucial consideration. While visibility matters, an overly large design can overpower the garment's overall look. On the other hand, if the embroidery is too small and intricate, it might not stand out enough. It's best to keep the design simple and ensure it is proportional to the dimensions of the apparel. For instance, if you plan to place a logo on the pocket of a t-shirt, a size of 3-4 inches should be adequate. However, if you opt for a large graphic in the middle of the shirt, it can be anywhere from 10-12 inches without looking awkward or oversized.

Are you searching for high-quality embroidery in Wisconsin? Get in touch with our team today to discuss your design needs.